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Complete Bow Setup

The first step toward accurate shooting is having your bow custom tuned to your exact specifications 

Precision Bow Tuning

Take your hunting or target rig to the next level with advanced tuning and maintenance

Arrow Services

Custom arrows built to your specs!  Cutting, cresting, fletching, and spine alignment services

About Six Sigma Archery

Six Sigma Archery is 100% brand agnostic.  We are not a dealer for any manufacturer.  In fact, we don't sell anything except top-notch service and minor parts.  This means our complete focus is on making YOUR bow better!  Whether you shoot an Elite, Mathews, Hoyt, PSE, Bowtech, Athens, or any other brand, we will work with you to customize your bow to shoot the best it can.  Once we're done with the setup and tune, we guarantee your bow will shoot better than before you arrived for your appointment!